Integrative Medicine (IM)

Patient and physician are partners in the healing process.

Integrative Medicine (IM) combines the best of conventional medicine, including medication and surgery, where appropriate, and complementary and alternative approaches to healing, such as herbal medications or dietary supplements, in order to provide a personalized plan for optimal health and healing for every individual. Patient and doctor are partners in the healing process and the IM physician considers both conventional and alternative treatment methods (CAM) when helping the patient determine the best approach to his or her individual situation. Effective interventions that are natural and less invasive are recommended whenever appropriate. Best available scientific research is considered whenever possible in order to make the most informed recommendations for care. Central concepts of integrative medicine also include health promotion and the prevention of illness.

In addition to medication or specialty referrals, and according to individual preference, other approaches to improve and maintain health might include:

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Dr. Cremin has been integral in my health journey. I had been dealing with digestive issues for years with no diagnosis or relief until I began seeing Dr. Cremin. She really listens to her patients and will continue to work to find answers. Also with the knowledge of OMT and acupuncture, Dr. Cremin is a treasure to have in your health corner.
Kirsten K.

Dr Cremin is the first doctor that really listened to my daughter and I, helping us to get to the root of our ailments rather than masking them with medication or ignoring them. After my first OMT session with her following a leg injury, I’m even more positive that we’ve finally found a fantastic doctor. Even if our insurance changes, we won’t be leaving her practice.

Patient Verified

Dr. Cremin is amazing! She is knowledgeable, intuitive and she never gives up. I have been seeing her for chronic pain for three years and my husband now sees her for back issues. He said he doesn’t know what she does, but she works magic! She is also treating me for a multiple of issues with acupuncture. We have complete faith in her. Terry and Gina are exceptional — warm, caring and so accommodating. They are treasures!

John & Lillian K.

Any variation from the health has a cause, and the cause has a location.  It is the business of the osteopath to locate and remove it (the cause), doing away with disease and getting health instead.

— A. T. Still, MD, DO, Osteopathy Research & Practice

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